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Fujitsu Limited (富士通株式会社, Fujitsū Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company headquartered in Tokyo. In 2018, it was the world's fourth-largest IT services provider measured by global IT services revenue (after IBM, Accenture and AWS). Fortune named Fujitsu as one of the world's most admired companies and a Global 500 company.

A former test engineer mentioned, "Fujitsu is a rubbish place, I don't recommend. Full of politics. No career growth. Higher level management people don't have proper knowledge. Good place for managers as they don't have much work, they are usually relaxing and often making onsite trips in the name of work."


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Current Employee - Software Developer says

"The company lack of processes."


"lack of processes; roles and responsibilities not defined; lack of direction and oversight from senior management; scope of work not clearly defined"

Former Employee - Senior Architect says

"Lack of senior leadership and strategy No customer opportunities Too much bureaucracy and politics stifle productivity Sales team focus on Bid response and not direct sales meaning there's a lack of opportunity and pipeline. Massive infighting between different teams and division with the same pools of benched skills and wanting to do the same work Too much focus on code-based cost recovery Lack of focus and leadership on building capabilities to grow the organisation and win new customers No opportunities for promotion or pay raises"

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"You will not be paid well and in over 3 years, I never got an increase from what was already a low starting salary. In Delivery it can be a very toxic environment - one of constant blame and throwing colleagues under the bus. Fujitsu are trying to press the "One Fujitsu" policy and culture but it is failing. Senior Management - other than the CEO - are all Ghosts. They are totally unapproachable and out of touch with the business where the rubber meets the road!"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Good benefits. Good insurance for family"

Current Employee - Employee says

"Yesterday’s company, poorly led. Avoid."

Former Employee - Freelance Consultant says

"Silo'd management, slow decision makers"

Current Employee - Senior Engineer says

"Work and promotions are given by favour, not by ability, skill, or past experiences. If you're loud, pushy, and steal others' work, you'll be noticed. If you're a white guy, you'll always be given a seat at the table (even if others "outrank" them). You'll be welcomed by superiors to join their ranks regardless of your actual output. If you're a woman or a person of color, you'll have to work twice as hard to get noticed half as much. There are managers there that will openly tell you they care about their personal reputation first, far past their own team. I have heard managers (that were being recorded) yell and scream to get their way when what they wanted was going to hurt their customers (and did!). If you try to put the customer first, they will silence you, dismiss you, and talk over you to get their way. They encourage this behavior by continually rewarding these blokes and giving them more responsibility. Sales is set up against each other so departments are fighting over the same work without the customer's best interest in mind. The work silos prevent new work from ever coming in and wastes so much effort. A lot of talent working there now is just waiting to be offered the right opportunity to leave but COVID messed everything up. Still looking."

Service Desk Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Please take this from a sucka that has worked almost 5 years in Fujitsu (Globe House SPoC). Management are selected as part of an inner circle of friends and have no people or technical skills. You are thrown into the deep end. After your interview they ask if you can start next week with no consideration. You are a number, not a person. Do not expect any assistance from dumbfounded management, no matter how high. Do not expect good decisions to be made regarding services for the desk. Want to be exposed to Covid-19? Feel free to join FJ where they do not clean desks and do a desk move every single month. Also, good luck progressing if you arent friends with the managers. Bad pay, bad IT systems, no sense of direction. Reactive not proactive work environment. DO NOT get sucked into this amalgamation of mindless workers like me. Also you get paid in peanuts. Peanuts without the nut and just the shell.Free drinks machine. You can walk out at anytime and they dont care about youWorking there. Being there. The building existing"

Corporate- Senior Supplier Quality Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Providing a boss like that was the epitome of IGNORANCE. Senior Management was the same way. Others were alcohol abusers .VERY POOR environment. A typical day included being told how stupid you were by the boss. And if you went to a vendor event you could count on a Senior level manager being there and being drunk beyond belief. A total Obnoxious Disgrace. The hardest part of the day was walking in in the morning knowing that short of physical torture the mental exaspiration would be distasteful at best.Nothing-you would be a COMPLETE fOOL to work thereEverything. Very poor work environment"

Representante Técnico Júnior (Former Employee) says

"Não recomendo a ninguém. O ambiente é horrível, pressão desnecessária, não tratam os funcionários com respeito.NenhumAmbiente opressivo, salário abaixo do mercado"

First Line Support (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work yo get your foot in the door but terrible place to progress. The management were picked from a toybox. The management skills are awful and there is a lack of respect from them. its not about how hard you work but who they like and keep on. Information is wrong and outdated. Training process is pointless as you learn nothing downstairs. Don't expect much from this companyCant think of anyBad Management, different shift pattern"

Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Rubbish place,i dont recommend.Full of politics.No career growth. Higher level management people dont have proper knowledge.Good place for managers as they dont have much work,simply relaxing and often making onsite trips in the name of work."

Senior Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Managers are just for the scrap heap don't bother working at FUJITSU unless your a glutton for punishment, toilet breaks are monitored, terrible culture terrible leadership terrible everything you can imagine.........."

Executive Driver (Former Employee) says

"Its a miserable employment. They don't have a security tenure in your work. There is no benefit at all. There is no consideration or appreciation in your work accomplished."

VP sales (Former Employee) says

"President created a negative work environment and removed anyone who he disagreed with. Over time he dismantled what was a very strong business cultureGood at firstExec manager created negative environment"

Telecommunications Engineer (Former Employee) says

"During the interview all was made out to be great however this really was not the case I would leave most mornings at 6am to get stock and rota and then due to daily delays because of incompetence management wouldn't leave the depot until around 8am! My general say would end around 8pm to top it off wages were never paid correctly I'm still owed money. Reason for leaving extremely long hours and then you dont get paid for it ...jokeNice UniformLong hours, never paid correctly, management make you feel awkward"

Adminitrador de Sistemas (Former Employee) says

"La peor empresa en la que he trabajado sin duda y he estado en varias, te exprimen al máximo, no se preocupan por tus situaciones personales. Los jefes mejor no hablar de ellos, te tratan como a números. Ganaron el concurso del SAS recientemente y solo se presentaron ellos, bajando los ANS, maltratando a los técnicos, bajando los precios de las guardias, todo externalizado, con contratos basuras. Las horas de intervención te las pagan una a una de vacaciones, por lo que repercuten en que haya menos técnicos disponibles horario de productividad. Si metes la pata te convocan al un comité con todos los jefes y te cae una buena. Todas las semanas entraba y salia gente."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Company not humain at all they don't care about candidate I saw there are a bad feedback and I can confirm that they really don't care about people they are always busy always late... Recuitement process can take more than to 2 month and by the end they only send no reply email... It's very shocking I strongly not recommend this company...dont lose your time this and advice from me!"

Service Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"Life is to short to work here.. Under pay for the crazy amount of work and stress you have to deal with.. If you can avoid this company, I have worked here now almost a year and I'm so happy I quit and found a better job with less stress and more money"

GoA service desk agent. (Former Employee) says

"This is a company working to get their things done by utilizing people. They never care about the employees or their life. They just want their targets and SLAs met. Also the work environment was pretty toxic. Management is worse without even willing to give you a reference if u are leaving. They are rude, arrogant and only care about their profit. No raise in salary given to employees even when they made millions from our work."

Inside Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Komische Arbeitskultuer und Vorgesetzte. Produkte einigermassen ok-zu teuer im Vergleich zum Mitbewerb."

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"Lack of direction from managers, received cold behaviour from line manager with garden leave. Progression OK but can be ignored even if you are working hard."

Command Center Desk Analyst (Current Employee) says

"They lied and said my assignment ended when they still had work, left me with no job no benefits or anything after six months! One of the worst places I’ve ever contracted at!!!Early out timesNo benefits and rude and unorganized managers"

I.T. Helpdesk - Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Bullying, extreme pressure on the agents with a low pay"


"Inkompetenta managers. Mycket låga anställningskrav. Ingen erfarenhet krävdes (av nånting alls). Dom som misskötte sig/ljög slapp undan. Dom som skötte sig fick högre krav på sig. Extremt dålig lön. Varken skriftlig eller muntligt språktest gjordes på nyanställda. Dålig arbetsmiljö. Bättre tjänst fick man efter personlighet, inte arbetsförmåga.MatkortLön och managers"

1st Line Support Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Its a rubbish compnay to work for. they dont care about the staff. they just want to hire people and kick old staff. Their policies are rubbish. they dont want to be flexible with working mums. had a really bad experience."

Stock Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Easily going do your hours and go home, management has no idea what there employee do and the change processes to suit themselves, even if the new process looks good on paper on paper but dos not work in the work area.easily gingCommunication is bad"